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    Default Switching from SqlServer to MySql

    I have an asp site which currently has a sqlServer db behind it. We are thinking of moving to a java solution but and moving the db to MySql.... how hard is it to do so? painless? very painful and hard? any insight or voices of experience are welcomed.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    I&#039;m working with MySQL and ASP since January 2001 without any problem. Before, I worked with Access db and ASP.<BR><BR>To make the change from Access to MySQL I used and ODBC driver, MyODBC you can find in www.mysql.com. You can convert directly the data from one to another db without problems. With SqlServer is the same.<BR><BR>Kind Regards. Jose

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    Default Depends on your queries...

    MySQL supports all the datatypes that SQL Server does (sometimes with minor variations; sometimes--as with date/times with fairly major differences), so converting the data isn&#039;t *that* hard.<BR><BR>But converting the queries...<BR><BR>WOW!<BR><BR>MySQL does *NOT* have:<BR><BR>(1) Stored procedures<BR>(2) Enforcement of referential integrity (i.e., no support for cascade delete, cascade update)<BR>(3) Nested SELECTs (e.g., "SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE fld IN ( SELECT x FROM table2 )" will *not* work...that&#039;s a nested SELECT).<BR><BR>If you are coding starting from the ground up, avoiding these limitations isn&#039;t all that hard (though number 3 is a real pain at times), but if you are trying to translate from existing SQL Server queries... Well, all I can say is buy a *BIG* bottle of aspirin.<BR><BR>

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