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    Hi, <BR> Is there a way to schedule Tasks through ASP?? <BR>(Example:I have a file in a remote server which has to be executed every 5 or 10 or 30 minutes ..The time interval is determined by some other factors.. )<BR><BR>In the remote server the time interval has to be changed through code(ASP)??Is it possible?? <BR><BR>Pls help me.. <BR><BR>Regards, <BR>Bindu <BR><BR>

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    sort of. have you looked in the FAQs?<BR><BR>you can&#039;t do a real schedule through ASP, but you can use task scheduler to request ASP pages or run VBS/JS scripts. like I say - have a look in the FAQs - I think it&#039;s there...<BR><BR>j

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