Good morning sir<BR>have this big obstacle, i went to generate product id, wher<BR>1) the drug are divide into 20 class(exam ; alimentary system, <BR> respitory system...)<BR>2)each class got subclass(exam; under alimentary system we - antacids & antiulcerants,antidiarrhels,digestive...soon on)<BR>The question is i want to generate product_id base on their class & subclass, take as example if a manufacturer key in a new product he hv to choose the class n subclass of the product then the system will generate the id example 1A1 or 1B1 if it the first product.<BR>where 1 stands for Alimentary System(class)<BR> A stands for Antacids & Antiulcerants(subclass)<BR> 1 stand for number of the product<BR>can u plz give me idea how o write the code<BR><BR>thanks a lot for the help<BR>renu<BR>