Hi, we have been trying to configure our webservers for requests to domain.com rather than www.domain.com. We have been sucessful with some of our sites, by adding an empty host - but not sucessful for our main (default) website.<BR>The problem seems to be that our dns servers have IP addresses as "same as parent" - the one we added to connect domain.com to our webserver and the other two are our name servers.<BR>When trying to resolve the address of domain.com one of these IP addresses is "randomly" found, either the iis server or one of the two name servers. Even if the "same as parent" entries are deleted for the name servers&#039; IPs, they are later automatically added after replication.<BR>I am stuck to how I can make domain.com always resolve to the IP of our iis server and not the name servers.<BR><BR>Anyone else had this problem?<BR>Can anyone help.<BR><BR>We are using IIS 5 with AD integrated DNS.<BR><BR>Thanks.