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    Hello, and sorry to bug in on the programmer board but my message sent to the job board did not get posted.<BR><BR>Anyway, my name is Kirk Ziegler and I have run a web site development company for over the past four years. My main skills are in graphics design and HTML. I am looking to form a long-term professional working relationship with a down-to-earth, skilled ASP & Database programmer. This person must be very proficient in ASP and database programming like: My SQL, Access and so on. Communication is key and the person must be very fluent in english and reachable within standard business hours via phone and e-mail as well as being located in the U.S.A<BR>I am turning away way to many jobs that involve interactive pages and need to start taking on these projects with your help. Please do not send me any attachments if you are qualified. Please just drop me an e-mail with the following information:<BR>-Programming languages<BR>-Experience in these languages<BR>-Work samples<BR>-Hourly rate<BR>-Availability<BR>-Contact Info<BR>I firmly believe I will keep you busy and well paid. Thanks for your time.<BR>Kirk Ziegler<BR>Develonet.com<BR>kirk@develonet.com

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    Default So post in the ASP JOBS forum...

    ...instead of here.<BR><BR>This forum is for developer questions.<BR><BR>

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