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    I have an ASP email form that I would like to also send to a database when the user submit the form. I have tried several things but can get only one to work at a time. I have the db form setup and it will got to the db if I do not try to send the email..Please Help..<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Roy

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    Next time try to supply some code with your message so we can see it.<BR><BR>Anyway, I have done similar work, and it should be easy enough.<BR>For example:<BR>&#060;% dim name, email, message<BR>name = request.form("name")<BR>email = request.form("email")<BR>message = request.form("message")<BR>&#039; now with these variables, you can, on the same script, first update your database by adding or changing fields in any table<BR><BR>&#039; then the next step would be to send an email with Jmail or some other email sending device<BR><BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>I hope this helps. <BR>

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