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    What are the exact differences, Adv/Diadv of Cookies Vs Sessions. What are the diff. between cookies on server side and client side?

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    Ian Stallings Guest

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    Cookies are text files stored ONLY on the client side<BR>written by using a HTTP write method. Cookies can remain<BR>on the client even after the machine is shut down.<BR><BR>Sessions are an IIS only method of tracking user<BR>"sessions". In happens like this:<BR><BR>you log on and a Unique ID is associated with<BR>your request. A temporary cookie is written to your<BR>browser using a HTTP write with that Unique ID.<BR>When you make another request the server looks for that<BR>temp cookie and associates it with a paticular "session"<BR>You can store information from ASP to the session object<BR>and it will be associated with the UID. This information is<BR>stored in memory on the server with each session taking up<BR>a portion of memory. After the user leaves the site the<BR>temp cookie is erased and the session is over.<BR><BR>Another thing that might help you understand is<BR>that HTTP is not a connection oriented protocal.<BR>When you make each HTTP request the server has no<BR>idea of who you are. Inorder to help the programmer<BR>associate request with paticular users cookies<BR>and sessions were created. Allot of time they are <BR>used in unison with each other to create a paticular<BR>feature (such as web page customization).<BR><BR><BR>I recommend using cookies. But I don&#039t recommend using <BR>Session objects because of their notorious reputation as<BR>memory hogs. So if you have to use them, do it sparingly.<BR><BR>I hope this clears it up. You can read more about cookies<BR>and session object on<BR><BR>Ian Stallings<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Rokea Guest

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    I think you should listen to Ian.. he definitly knows what he&#039s talkin about when he&#039s speaking of session variables... heheheh :)<BR><BR>Rokea

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