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Thread: Set interval/ timeout...???

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    How do i run a function every x milliseconds?<BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried setinterval(&#039;myfunction()&#039;,100);<BR><BR> This didn&#039;t work - and i have no idea how else to go about it!<BR><BR>T.I.A!

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    Default JavaScript is case sensitive...

    setinterval is *NOT* the same as setInterval<BR><BR>settimeout is *NOT* the same as setTimeout<BR><BR>In my opinion, it is better to use setTimeout than setInterval, because it is easier to "break" the sequence when you need to (simply do not call setTimeout again). But either can be made to work.<BR><BR>NOW...<BR><BR>If you meant, how do you make this work in SERVER SIDE JScript...<BR><BR>You can&#039;t. These are actually methods on the Window object in the browser DOM.<BR><BR>And of course that object doesn&#039;t exist server-side.<BR><BR><BR>

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