I&#039;d been having problems running a date query against an Access database. Several threads on this site appear to have offered a solution by enclosing the date in #&#039;s but none of them worked for me - they would always return everything, as if ignoring the dates.<BR><BR>Through trial and error I found a solution (if it&#039;s on this messageboard somewhere, then I haven&#039;t yet found it), so here goes...<BR><BR><BR>DateLastWeek = DateAdd("ww", -1, Date)<BR><BR>TodaysDate = FormatDateTime(date,1)<BR>DateLastWeek = FormatDateTime(DateLastWeek,1)<BR><BR>SelQry = "Select * From TableName WHERE (DateCreated &#062;= #" & DateLastWeek & "# AND DateCreated &#060;= #" & TodaysDate & "#) ORDER BY DateCreated DESC"<BR><BR>The above query will select everything created between a week ago and today. The trick is to use FormatDateTime to convert the date into text. If your date field also contains the time, then you could use...<BR><BR>TodaysDate = FormatDateTime(date,1) & " " & FormatDateTime(now,3)<BR><BR>Either that could be of help to somebody, or I&#039;m stating the completely obvious. Either way, there it is, and it works fine for me. :o)<BR>