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    Default Cookies OR Temp db ?

    Just wondering what would be better for redources and speed ?<BR>When an order is being placed i keep a track of cart contents with session(array)<BR>All the other details such as delivery address etc are stored in a cookie untill cc payment has been verified then it is stored in the master db and a traking number issued.(so i cant add to the master db till all is confirmed.)<BR>So, what is best (pros and cons for different options if you know them ?) Is it best to store the info in a cookie and Request.Cookie(info) or to create a temp record row say in a table TEMP and query that rstemp(info)?<BR><BR>Thanks Alot

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    Default I say session or cookies...

    I say cookies or session and refresh the session... Sessions only store a session id on the client as a cookie and store all the info about the user on the server so its safe. Performance really shouldnt be that much of an issue if you expect your clients to checkout soon. Set the session timeout to like 15 minutes or so you should be good. Also you could use session.abandon when you finally enter it into the table... That should defenitly help performance.. Then again ram is cheap put a few gigs in your machine. <BR><BR>Database calls are costly. :)

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