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    I need some help on ADO. I manage an employee recognition database program that involves on-line nominations from state employees.<BR><BR>The way this process works is that I have an html page with text areas for narrative comments. This form is filled out on-line.<BR><BR>There is a submit button on the html page that calls an asp page. The asp page establishes an ADO connection to the database, the values from the html form are carried forward and inserted into the database as a new record.<BR><BR>This process works fine except when I get a really long narrative. If there are more than 2500 characters cumulatively being submitted, the nomination page will not respond to the submit command, and the asp page is never called.<BR><BR><BR>Is there a way around this?

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    I&#039;ve not encountered anything like this myself, but I routinely use a text field that is posting in excess of 4000 characters with no problem at all, and another page that utilizes over 40 text areas, again with no problem.<BR><BR>Is there something else going on here, like some validation or other script at work before the .asp kicks in /onsubmit etc?

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