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    Hi,<BR>i am displaying a date field in access database on the web page<BR>using asp, the date field is being misreported.<BR>instead of displaying the current date it is displaying 36531<BR>for 06/01/2000 and 36532 for 07/01/2000,<BR>is this a y2k bug or what?

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    It could possibly be a y2k bug, but I haven&#039t ever seen anything like it or heard anything about a y2k bug acting like that.<BR><BR>How does it return dates from before the turn of the century?<BR><BR>It might just be some weird date format, the first thing I would do is try converting the date format with the FormatDateTime() function in vbScript. Other than that I have no ideas.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Nathan Pond

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