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Thread: Records disappearing in Access 2000?

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    Default Records disappearing in Access 2000?

    Hey all,<BR><BR>I&#039;ve been banging my head up against this problem for a while now. In my Access2000 database, I have 3 tables: tblWorkOrders, tblRequests and refRequestSpecs. tblWorkOrders is the main parent table relating to tblRequests. The table refRequestSpecs is then a child of tblRequests.<BR><BR>Every so often, records are simply disappearing from the table refRequestSpecs. It starts with the first record then deletes one at a time sequentially. This doesn&#039;t happen all at once, but rather one will disappear, then 45 minutes later another will disappear. Now, I have no ASP pages that are deleting records of any kind in the database so I don&#039;t know where the records are being deleted from.<BR><BR>Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Jason

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    Default You need to explain a bit more!!!

    What makes you think records are disappearing?<BR><BR>Are you actually openning the db in access? If so are you sure that you don&#039;t have a filter on which is causing you not to see all records?<BR><BR>If you are accessing the database remotely via asp, then could it be that your query is wrong or your method of displaying the data is faulty.<BR><BR>Could it be that you think records have been added but they are not?<BR><BR>

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