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    I have two table one for documents uploaded by clients and the other with client information. I am trying to display a 3 columned table with the following info; All Client Names their status and the date of their last upload. Here is what I worked out with obvious flaws in the logic here: <BR><BR>"select * from clients, documents where clients.client_id = documents.uploaded_for and date_uploaded = (select max(date_uploaded) from documents as date_uploaded) order by client_name" <BR><BR>Upon looking at this farther I realized that it was only going to return one record all the time. Duh! The record with the most recent date. Anway I need to return all the client names and the most recent date. Any hints or suggestions would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    SELECT C.Client_Name, C.Client_Status, MAX(D.Date_Uploaded) as LastUpload<BR>FROM Clients C INNER JOIN Documents D on C.Client_ID = D.Client_ID<BR>GROUP By C.Client_Name, C.Client_Status

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