Setup:<BR>IIS 5.0/Frontpage 2002 Extensions. All security patches installed and verified with hfnetchk.exe.<BR><BR>Question:<BR>I have setup quite a large directory structure. I have a primary default website under wwwroot and a secondary website (with another IP address) where it&#039;s webroot is called "tdsroot". That root directory has Anonymous Access setup. Under "tdsroot" I have 6 Directories that I have setup NTFS permissions. I will only talk about one of them because if I get it working, the rest will follow. I have created a Virtual Directory pointing to this one subdirectory "Sub". The Virtual directory has Basic Authentication and Windows Integrated Authentication checked. Nothing else. I have given NTFS rights (via windows explorer) to this directory for one group called "Sub Users" and the default of "Administrators". When I log in from any PC on my subnet, I can login with a username that only has group permissions "Sub User". But when I login using the same username and password outside my subnet I don&#039;t get authenticated. I do get authenticated when I use my Administrator username and PWD(which tells me clear text is being sent).<BR><BR> This would force me to give all my users Administrator Priveledge. I don&#039;t like that idea! Help!!!! I may have not made much sense here... if you need more clarification. email me:<BR>Thanks for any info!!