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    I have a site working great with Remote Scripting. My web server admin advised that I needed to move my site. The new site bombs when I call remote scripting pages - it gets an error "Object Expected" when it hits the RSEnableRemoteScripting("../_ScriptLibrary") line. The rs files are all under that folder. All I did was publish the same working files to the new site and it bombs. The admin swears the sites are identical in configuration. Any suggestions?

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    i&#039m pretty sure you need to "install" the scripting library. I wondered about your problem, so I tried copying one of my existing remote scripting sites to a new directory, and it didn&#039t work with the same errors you described.<BR><BR>then, I deleted the _ScriptLibrary folder, and ran the install program from microsoft and all was well. there must be some registry entries or something, as well as the basic files in the _ScriptLibrary folder.<BR><BR>you can get the install program from<BR><BR>look under the "remote scripting" section.<BR><BR>hope this helps!

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    Aaron: Thanks a million. That did it! I&#039ll buy you a beer if you are ever in Atlanta.

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