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    In a webfarm will you copy all your .asp pages and .html pages to all the servers or place them in one server and map the drive to all the server?<BR><BR>for example: i have 3 servers in webfarm. do i have to upload all my webpages to all the 3 servers? or instead i will upload all my webpages to one server and map that drive to all other the servers and configure IIS that the content should come from A share located on another computer? which one is the best?<BR><BR>what will you do with the vb COM dlls? advice pls.

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    All files on all the webservers is what I&#039;ve always seen. I don&#039;t know if mapping drives would work, but you&#039;d probably have to create your IUSR_MachineName account on the other webservers to have a shot.<BR><BR>Also I&#039;ve always had DLL&#039;s registered on each server. This can be a pain and tricky to debug if you have different version, so make sure you have a way of telling one version from another.<BR><BR>I&#039;d be interested to hear if other people do this differently.

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