Firstly I know this was posted yesterday, but I posted it at 11:15 at night and therefore chances are nobody got a chance to see it.<BR>-------------<BR>Ok I have a database that has all types of info on users eg. hair color, name, address, body type, languages spoken, etc ,etc. <BR>Some of these criterias, the ones where a user can only have one of, eg hair color, are stored in tables which I call indexes that look like the following: <BR>ID Hair Color <BR>------------------------- <BR>0 NOt Entered <BR>1 Blond <BR>2 Brown <BR>etc... etc... <BR>and then on the main table there is a relationship with the row (hair color) with this index table, and a number from 0-etc is put. For other pieces of info such as language, a user may have more than one, therefore directly on the main table we have several rows of each language eg, lang_eng, lang_fre, etc. And wherever the user clicks we put a "1" where the user doesn&#039;t click we put a "0". <BR>Ok now that you have an understanding of the DB here is the isssue. I need to make an advanced search from an ASP page where a user can say I want girl, from germany, with red hair, who speaks french. The adv search would need to basically contain all checkboxes for every criteria, because a user may want a girl with black or red hair. So how do I get ALL this info from an ASP page and query the database from a sproc? I already have all this info into an array on the processing ASP page for example there is an arra of: <BR>hairID(9 places) every space is put in the number (ID) that the hair color represents. But only if it is checked, if not checked then the spot in the array is given a "0". <BR><BR>Now the asp part is simple but I cannot think of an easy way of processing this data in a sproc. How can I search my database with the dynamic info from the user. Is there somehow an ability to make an array in SQL language? WOuld this really help? Whats the most efficient method to do this? No need to get technical just theory. <BR><BR>Please help <BR>THanks <BR>Mike Matta <BR>