Dynamically create "File" form field?

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Thread: Dynamically create "File" form field?

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    Hi. I'm trying to use the cpshost.dll for file upload. It works fine when the user browses for a file and submits the form. What I'm trying to do is upload a file the user just created (through another piece of software) from the Temp directory to the server. This is all done in an IE5 browser. So, I've be dynamically creating <input type="file"> fields with the value set to the local path. When I submit, it won't upload the file. Any thoughts?

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    This is a security feature.<BR><BR>Browsers are not SUPPOSED to let you upload files *unless* the user has explicitly selected it and pushed an appropriate button. <BR><BR>Think about it: If not for this feature, how many hackers would start uploading every private file they could find on every computer that ever visited some site???<BR><BR>

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