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Thread: spaces screwing me up.

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    Default spaces screwing me up.

    I am trying to do a "simple" task. I want to set a Submit button to Disabled = true. I do this on many buttons on my page. The problem is I have one button named "Save and Hold" that will not work. It keeps telling me that I need ";" I know it has to do with the fact that there are spaces in the name. Anyone know how to fix this, besides changing the name?

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    Default Change the name

    The value can have spaces, but the names cannot.<BR><BR>&#060;INPUT TYPE=BUTTON NAME=Save VALUE="Save and Hold"&#062;

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    Default RE: spaces screwing me up.

    Reference it through element id or object array?<BR><BR>Ie, if it&#039;s the 33rd form element:<BR><BR>document.forms[0].elements[32] ...<BR><BR>Or look up the GetElementByID method ... That looks something like: .getElementByID("Save and Hold")

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