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Thread: Requesting data from database onchange of One Comb

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    i am working on a project and I am faced with the tasks of:<BR><BR>1. having a second combo box repopulated with data based on the choice of the first combo box.<BR><BR>2.I cannot used arrays because I am talking of a lot of combinations and a lot of data.<BR><BR>I want to go to the MTS box everytime there is a change of the first to retrieve values for the second based on the value of the first selection.<BR><BR>3. This page also has other fields that needs to keep their values when the second combo box is reloaded.<BR><BR>Does anyone have code out there that does athing like this or an idea that is better than storing everything in arrays. For this project it will be too cumbersome to use this method.<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR>Lusenii

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    Default SOL (until .net)

    Well<BR><BR>if you are using classic asp.<BR>your choices are this<BR><BR>1.remote scripting (kinda complicated and not real fast)<BR>2.use a hidden frame (requires good javascipt knowledge)<BR>3.iframe possibly or a layer<BR>4.use another window and have it lose focus and use that window for processing.<BR>5.lots of articles on this, although there is no great method.<BR><BR>

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