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    I have a rather large database with many fields. What I want to return is a list of the surveys that need to be carried out on one row for a certain ship. At the moment the query returns a seperate row for each survey. The table consists of:<BR><BR>shipname<BR>fullsurvey<BR>sixmonthsurve y<BR>ruddersurvey<BR>anchorsurvey<BR>deckpipesurve y<BR>cranesurvey<BR>pumpsurvey<BR>hosesurvey<BR>bi lgetanksurvey<BR><BR>the sql I am currently using is:<BR><BR>SELECT DISTINCT [_Survey Due].*<BR>FROM [_Survey Due]<BR>ORDER BY [_Survey Due].SHIPNAME;<BR><BR>At the moment I get ten different rows for each sheep with one date on each row. I am using Access2000.<BR>Thanks for your help in advance<BR><BR>Orbs<BR>

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    Default Distinct doesn't work this way

    Every column in your query is run against the DISTINCT keyword regardless of how you try to code the columns.<BR><BR>Your query "should" bring back every record in the database because all columns in _SurveyDue put together are very likely to be unique.

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