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    I have written a registration form and the validation on the different fields works fine. However, not all the fields are compulsory.<BR>I find that if I enter data in a NON-Compulsory field and then delete it, it keeps asking me for the data again. This doesn&#039;t happen if I don&#039;t enter the data in the first place, it just skips over it. I don&#039;t know why this is happening.<BR>Any ideas greatly accepted and appreciated??<BR>cheers!

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    Without seeing the validation script in question, it can be hard to say for sure, but it&#039;s probably verifying onBlur or something. In otherwords, you haven&#039;t brought focus to the form element until you select and delete it.<BR><BR>Try editing the validation routine *not* to validate certain fields if they are empty string (.value=&#039;&#039; etc).

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