I have a large Access 2000 database (i.e., too large to download to my PC over a modem and then put back up on my web server) in which I defined several text columns: Allow Zero Length = NO. I need to make them Allow Zero Length = Yes.<BR><BR>SQL&#039;s Alter Table function does not provide the capability to solve my problem, so I&#039;m trying to use ADOX with the following code:<BR><BR>Set cat = Server.CreateObject("ADOX.Catalog")<BR>Set cat.ActiveConnection = WebUsersDB<BR>Set tbl = cat.Tables("UInput_ContactInfo")<BR>Set col = tbl.Columns("FirstName")<BR>col.Attributes = AllowZeroLength<BR><BR>The first three lines work fine. The last one does not. <BR><BR>I&#039;ve been unable to find anything of use in Access&#039; online help files except the following:<BR><BR>"Note To access a field&#039;s AllowZeroLength property by using Visual Basic, use the DAO AllowZeroLength property or the ADO Column.Properties("Set OLEDB:Allow Zero Length") property."<BR><BR>It was from the preceding that I GUESSED that I should use "AllowZeroLength" as my ADOX attribute.<BR><BR>The code is returning the following error message:<BR><BR>ADOX.Column error &#039;800a0cb3&#039; <BR><BR>Object or provider is not capable of performing requested operation. <BR><BR>/i_cc_feedback/view.asp, line 36 <BR><BR>Line 36 is the last of my four lines above.<BR><BR>Thanks to anyone who might be able to help.