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    Congrats on the win over the Yankoffs! Good job! I have a couple of questions - where did you live in the Philly area? I had a Downingtown address, but was much closer to Exton for a couple of years; near the PA 100 exit from 76. Secondly, and much more importantly, can you recommend places to stay and party around Tempe? If we (UMich) win out, we could very well end up in the Fiesta Bowl. If that were to happen and I was able to get tickets, would you want to join the Michigan contingent? Many thanks on your kind words regarding my return to the boards!<BR><BR>Cheers, Derek<BR><BR>p.s. I also lived in St. Louis for a while and saw the (FB) Cardinals suck the whole time. The BB Cards were pretty entertaining.

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    I lived in NE Philadelphia... then moved out to Lower Bucks Co &#060;Bensalem township&#062; until I left for the military. Isn&#039;t Exton out by Conshohoken? &#060;spelling&#062;<BR><BR>Places to stay around Tempe... hmmm. What&#039;s your price range? <BR><BR>Tickets? Sure, why not, I&#039;d go... depends on the kids though -- oh, BTW, I have a new one as of one month ago.<BR><BR>Let me know... you can also email me steve_cimino@hotmail.com

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