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Thread: Personal Web Server and Windows ME??

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    I work from home. I have got an emachine with windows ME. I got an contract to redesign a website. What do i need? <BR>I know, i will need a webserver.. What kind of webserver is compatible with windows ME? An how do i handle my connections and networking issues after that.<BR>Also i have a login and a password to go and make changes to this website. where do i go and what do i do to start making changes?

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    Shouldnt&#039; you have been asking these questions at some point *before* you bid on the contract? <BR><BR><BR>*Sigh*...Oh well. You can download PWS from Microsoft&#039;s web site. It is the only web server compatible with ME, as far as I know. <BR><BR>What connection and networking issues?<BR><BR>Get an FTP client. Login using the appropriate username and password. Download the files you want to change. Make the changes. Upload the new files. Presto, you&#039;re done.

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