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    How to perform multi threading in ASP? I want to run 2 threads simultaneously .Is this possible? I want to display listview on the client&#039s browser which will show some details from databsase.And when the info from database changes ,i want to refresh the listview,which i have loaded earlier.Can anyone help me for this.<BR>Your help will be appreciated <BR>if possible do mail me at<BR>Thanx<BR>Trupti

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    This isn&#039t really multithreading ... you could achieve this by using Remote Scripting. It&#039s a Java-based solution (for browser independence) from Micrsoft that allows asynchronous callbacks/communication with a web server without roundtrips.<BR><BR>E.g. Use remote scripting to call an ASP page on the server every x seconds. It will return a value from the ASP page that determines whether or not the listview is out-of-sync. If it is ... you could then refresh the listview page. The issue you face in a listview situation is in maintaining the state of the scroll, expansion/collapse of the tree. It&#039s a pretty heavy task. One that you might want to reevaluate since it would be difficult to perform this function even in a thick client scenario.<BR><BR>Good luck.

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