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    Mohit Guest

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    Hi ,<BR><BR>I would like to upload Files from the client side .<BR>(-ie- an HTML page allows files to be uploaded to the Server)<BR><BR>I also want to allow the Client to Delete the files from the Server .<BR><BR>The Client should be allowed to upload multiple files at a time .<BR><BR>I don&#039t mind even paying for this .<BR><BR>Can you Please suggest me a solution <BR><BR>Hoping to get a positive reply from a passionate programmer .<BR><BR>With Regards,<BR>Mohit.<BR>

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    Paul Merton Guest

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    Mohit,<BR><BR>You can find something to solve your ASP uploading quest at www.aspupload.com. This costs money, although I know there are a few similar products out there that are free, athough I have not had a chance to try them myself.<BR><BR>As for the deleting and browsing of existing files on the server, the FileSystemObject is what you are looking for. I cannot be too specific without knowing what you want to do, but if you look this up on the MSDN CDs, then you should have no trouble in allowing the client to delete files.<BR><BR>Hope that helps,<BR>paul_merton@hotmail.com<BR><BR>http://pjm2.ewebcity.com - the new domain of paulOS!

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