Hi all,<BR>I want to do something like this - <BR>1. transfer data from some tables to their corresponding tables. <BR> This is a one-to-one relationship meaning for 1 Old Data table there is one New Table. <BR>2. transfer data from N Old Data tables to one New Table. This has happened because<BR> there is a new database. Old data structures and new data structures are bit different <BR> in a way that many tables have been merged ( not exactly but somewhat ) into one single table. <BR>3. now both the above activities are complicated by few other things like <BR>a. some fields were nulls and are not nulls now and vis-a-versa<BR>b. there are identity columns in some tables, old and new.<BR>c. for some fields there do exist DataType changes say from int to tinyInt etc. <BR><BR>i&#039;m sure these are not very uncommon problems. and i also <BR>think DTS will help me do these. but can someone tell me from where do i start ? <BR>any article/link ? i can do the basic transger from 1 table to other table if they are identical using <BR>export in DTS. but for all the above issues i need a direction. please help. <BR>thanks in advance mils <BR>