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Thread: Need a Link DB without DNS

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    I want to create a DB with links, so people can insert their links and they can read my links.<BR><BR>Anyone?<BR><BR>please mail me at:<BR><BR><BR>chris

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    &#060;also sent via email&#062;<BR><BR>This can be done easily in ASP and if you use an Access<BR>database, it&#039s very easy to get it all running without the<BR>need for a DNS. This also makes the whole thing easy to<BR>transport onto a different server, etc.<BR><BR>You simply need to design your pages and incorporate a few<BR>database connections and queries and there you go!<BR><BR>I&#039ve done exactly what I&#039ve described here on my website<BR>at<BR><BR>Hope that gives you a few pointers,<BR>

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