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    " 1. How to use forms if i have only poorly written instructions about cgi-bin from my web host? <BR>2. I want to have a drop down list like on or U put mouse over About us and will get a list of Annual Report, Awards, history, etc."<BR>

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    1)<BR><BR>Which are you going to use - ASP or CGI? Both are mentioned. If you want to use CGI on Unix, you&#039;ll need to have an area which is CHMOD&#039;d correctly (to allow executables). Just upload your files and they should work. You may need to work with the SHEBANG line, especially if you are developing on Windows. For more information, look at<BR>If you want to use ASP then you won&#039;t need to use a cgi-bin. There may be some restrictions (especially if you&#039;re running ASP on Unix), but you will have to discover them yourself.<BR><BR>2)<BR><BR>Many WYSIWYG editors such as Frontpage and Dreamweaver do these for you. In fact, I would probably suggest the combination of Fireworks and Dreamweaver to do it. Although it&#039;s not the most tidy of code, it&#039;s generic and will run on most browsers/platforms. It&#039;s also a darn site easier than doing it yourself. If you can&#039;t stretch to these products, you may be able to find something useful on<BR><BR>Craig.

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