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    Hopefully someone has seen this before. I will do my best to explain it but it involves too much code to paste here.<BR><BR>Basically it comes down to this… I have a stored procedure (running sqlServer) and if I run the procedure from the SQL Server Query Analyzer all the results return fine.<BR><BR>When I call the procedure from my ASP one of the fields is always blank. The field is of type ntext… I don’t know if that helps but it is the only field of that type and it is the only one not showing up in the asp. Also one other field doesn’t have a value…. But only for the first record returned.<BR><BR>Like I said… all these weird results do not happen if I just run the procedure from the Query Analyzer.<BR><BR>If anybody has any clue as to the problem I have here…. Or would be willing to take the time to look over some code I would be more than happy to send you it. <BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default ASPFAQs, category Databases, General<BR><BR>It says memo fields, but it applies to SQL Server long text fields as way. See the stuff I added about what "Stacy" reported. Very informative and very thorough testing.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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