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    Default codepage and charset

    What is the differnece between these?

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    Default I know what codepage does...

    ...but I&#039;ve never mucked with charset.<BR><BR>Codepage is what drives the translation from (and to) Unicode--which is how *all* strings are stored in VBScript and JScript--to the single-byte stream that is used by all (almost all???) current browsers.<BR><BR>For example, Japanese on Windows usually uses "Shift-JIS" encoding, where it takes two bytes to encode a Kanji character by only one byte to encode a Hiragana character (or a standard ASCII character). You specify a codepage to tell the system which kind of byte stream you are using. 932 for Japanese. 936 for Chinese "big 5". 1252 for most (but not all!) European languages. And so on.<BR><BR>Anyway, this codepage encoding is used when converting the ".asp" file to internal form, when converting output of VBS/JS/ASP to HTML, when writing to or reading from a text file, when sending data to a database (unless the DB is also using Unicode, which is still relatively rare). And so on.<BR><BR>

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