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    i have a page whereby the details of a company is kept e.g address,company name say:company name is<BR>when i insert the data into the table "Business" a contact_id will be automatically given to the record<BR>all this is working<BR>the next page is for inserting contact person data for that particular company that is for microsoft<BR>so i have contact_id from business table as a foreign key in the business_contact table.<BR>since i`m not inserting the contact_id manually (its being generated in SQLServer)<BR>then how can i capture this contact_id to be inserted into business_contact table

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    Default Search for @@IDENTITY

    Search 4GuysFromRolla (and other sites). Fundamentally, it&#039;s the same general way as using AddNew with Acess if you set up the @@IDENTITY usage right. But see also the thread below where "tgo57" and I discuss another approach that can *often* work fine!<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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