A little help with recreating msn.com helpPane fun

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Thread: A little help with recreating msn.com helpPane fun

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    Default A little help with recreating msn.com helpPane fun

    Gentlemen,<BR><BR>could someone provide me with a simplified javascript <BR>code of the one used @ msn.com? It&#039;s like this: @ msn.com <BR>@ the upper-right corner, you click "HELP"<BR><BR>-&#062; what happens is this: the function doHelp(); <BR> (in http://www.msn.com/js/helppane17.js) is being <BR> triggered, resulting in:<BR>a. your current browserWindow resizing to make room for<BR>b. the appearing helpPane.<BR><BR>-&#062; now, if you close the helpPane (through any means), your <BR> browserWindow containing msn.com, resizes to it&#039;s previous <BR> state - read: fullscreen state again.<BR><BR>This also works in Netscape 4.7.<BR><BR>so i downloaded these pages and scripts, but am not able <BR>to run the same functionality in my own website. My <BR>browserwindow just won&#039;t resize :(<BR>Could anyone please provide me with brossbrowser script(s) <BR>that have te same functionality as descriped, though are <BR>more easy to understand?<BR><BR>Don&#039;t bother the ASP driven functionalities that go with<BR>it (i.e. the L_H_TEXT (see source of msn.com) variable<BR>submits an opening line to the helpPane) - i can do this<BR>myself.<BR><BR>I sure hope someone can help me...it would be of great<BR>help for our own little company intranet.<BR><BR>Thanx in advance for your time and effort,<BR>Greetings, Marc

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    Default An easier way...

    ...would be to simply popup new windows and close the existing ones. If the window being closed might contain user form input, then you&#039;d want to copy the form contents to the popped up window, but that&#039;s not hard. Just a for loop through all the form fields.<BR><BR>Note that the MSN code isn&#039;t perfect, by any means! If I have a moderately sized window, push "Help", then the pair of windows I see eat up the entire screen. When I close the right hand window, the main window does *not* go back to the original size! Which is *very* annoying. I don&#039;t like the MSN way of doing it, at all. Surely you could improve it?<BR><BR>

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