How to create zip files? Linux/Chiliasp

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Thread: How to create zip files? Linux/Chiliasp

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    Default How to create zip files? Linux/Chiliasp

    Hello. I know through one of the 4 guys articles<BR>there is a link to:<BR>a javaclass to create zip files<BR><BR>but I am on linux/chiliasp<BR><BR>is there anything built into asp that does this? I presume not<BR>So I ask those with any exp with chiliasp/linux<BR><BR>which directory would I place java classes?<BR><BR>I am sure if I can get that installed, it would work using<BR>asp on my server, as it did on my pws using win 98<BR><BR>Unless somebody knows of another way, com or vb or what not<BR><BR>Dang, just want to create zips using asp <BR>(Or php, but I ask elsewhere)<BR><BR>Just wondering<BR><BR>thanks

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    Default Use the ChiliBean...

    If you haven&#039;t discovered it already, look for the docs on the ChiliBean, which is what provides connectivity from ChiliSoft ASP to Java. It really is relatively easy to use.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Especia lly:<BR><BR> ns.htm<BR><BR>Feel free to email "" if you need help with it. They should be pretty responsive.<BR><BR>

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