How to simulate a 'wait..' mechanism ?

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Thread: How to simulate a 'wait..' mechanism ?

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    Samik Guest

    Default How to simulate a 'wait..' mechanism ?

    I am developing a web-based multiplayer management game, where no. of players has to be given database access concurrently (I am using personal oracle 7). The intial screen is a login screen. I want the players to show a &#039loading...&#039 screen until all players(say 4 in number) logs in. Whenever a player logs in, a record is created in database. But how to do this ?

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    Nathan Pond Guest

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    First thing that came to my mind is this:<BR><BR>Every time a user logs on, check and see if he/she is 4th or higher. If so execute your code to start the game.<BR><BR>Display the users a page that says "loading..." and have it automatically refresh every 20 or so seconds. The asp page will check the database, if 4 players are ready it will display the game info, otherwise it will display the loading... page again.<BR><BR>Another thought is to write a simple COM object to sleep until all the players are ready. Seeing as ASP will not time out as long as it is a COM object taking up the time. However, you have to remember that you can&#039t have it sitting for too long because the users browser will return a timeout to the user instead of patiently waiting for a response from the server, I&#039m not sure of the timeout time in browsers, I want to say two minutes but don&#039t quote me on that.<BR><BR>Hope I helped some...<BR><BR>Nathan Pond

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