I&#039;m trying to utilize the FSO to copy, open read write anything to a file. Specifically copy, though. But when I attempt to do anything besides create the FSO object, the page hangs. Here&#039;s the code I&#039;m using:<BR><BR> &#039;SFull is the full source file path<BR> &#039;TFull is the full Target file path<BR> &#039;Script hangs on the FSO.CopyFile line<BR><BR> set FSO = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")< BR><BR> If FSO.FileExists(SFull) Then<BR> FSO.CopyFile SFull, TFull &#039;SCRIPT HANGS HERE<BR> set FSO = Nothing<BR> End If<BR><BR>Any thoughts? I&#039;m at a loss as to why this wouldn&#039;t work. The permissions are set properly and everything. I never get a message, it just hangs. Thanks!<BR>