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    I am at my witts end with these cookies. Can someone please tell help me with this??? This is the code on my test page:<BR><BR>Response.Cookies("USER_INFO")("UserID ") = "100"<BR>Response.Cookies("USER_INFO")("FirstName" ) = "First"<BR>Response.Cookies("USER_INFO")("LastName ") = "Last"<BR>Response.Cookies("USER_INFO")("Offic e") = "Office"<BR>Response.write Request.Cookies("USER_INFO")("FirstName") <BR>Response.write Request.Cookies("USER_INFO")("LastName")<BR>Respon se.write Request.Cookies("USER_INFO")("Email") <BR>Response.write Request.Cookies("USER_INFO")("Office")<BR>Response .write Request.Cookies("USER_INFO")("Title") <BR><BR>When I browse the page I see the text for the cookies that I set but when I comment out the first four lines and browse the page again, nothing is written to the browser. Why?????<BR><BR>&#039;Response.Cookies("USER_INFO" )("UserID") = "100"<BR>&#039;Response.Cookies("USER_INFO")("Firs tName") = "First"<BR>&#039;Response.Cookies("USER_INFO")("La stName") = "Last"<BR>&#039;Response.Cookies("USER_INFO")("Off ice") = "Office"<BR>Response.write Request.Cookies("USER_INFO")("FirstName") <BR>Response.write Request.Cookies("USER_INFO")("LastName") <BR>Response.write Request.Cookies("USER_INFO")("Email") <BR>Response.write Request.Cookies("USER_INFO")("Office") <BR>Response.write Request.Cookies("USER_INFO")("Title") <BR><BR>And yes I have cookies turned ON in my browser settings.<BR>

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    Default did you set the expiration property?

    Response.Cookies("USER_INFO")("UserID") = 103<BR>Response.Cookies("USER_INFO")("UserID").Exp ires = #1/1/2020#

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    If you are not going to set an expiration date, just write it as a session variable<BR><BR>Session("UserInfo_UserId") = 100<BR><BR>response.write(Session("UserInfo_UserId "))<BR><BR>The sessions will have a value until the user kills the session by closing their browser or by the session timing out(i think 20 min default - but that can be changed)

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