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    Nick Forte Guest

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    How can I get the top 15 records entered from a db? Either SQL or ASP, preferrably SQL. THANKS

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    Try this. "Select * top 15 from tblName". Substitute tblName with the actual name of your table. Add a where and/or order clause to finetune your selection eg "Select * top 15 from Customer where City = &#039Kuala Lumpur&#039 order by Country.

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    Nick Forte Guest

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    I&#039m using MS Access. I don&#039t think this is allowed. I get a syntax error. &#039SELECT * top 15 FROM FCC_RELEASES ORDER BY CREATED_DT&#039

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    Johnny Kid Guest

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    Hey, it should be<BR><BR>&#039SELECT top 15 * FROM ......&#039<BR>instead of <BR>&#039SELECT * top 15 FROM ......&#039<BR>ok?<BR><BR>

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