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    Hello. I have been racking my brain and cannot figure out how to do this. I have an Access database containing lists of vendors and the billing number associated with the vendor for credit information. I would like to be able to create a drop-down box that allows me to choose the vendor. Then, based on the vendor chosen, I would like a second drop down to give me the billing numbers based on that vendor. So, if I choose vendor 1, when I get to the second drop-down for billing number, I should only see any of vendor 1's billing numbers---not vendor 2. Does that make sense?? How can I do this??

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    Default Couple of ways...

    ok bad thing about these methods is they require javascript... So be sure to inform any clients that dont have js enabled to enable it.<BR><BR>Remote scripting... or<BR>Hidden frame technique....<BR><BR>With the remote scripting method you can write an asp script and then use java/javascript to call the server and return a recordset object in a javascript array to browser. Then you use javascript to erase your billing pulldown and repopulate it. However remote scripting the last time I checked had a problem with macintosh ie browsers.<BR><BR>msdn.microsoft.com/scripting - check out remote scripting and read up on it. Its not that hard to use...<BR><BR>The other is the hidden frame method... You create a framed page and have it 100% so the other page appears to be hidden. Then when the user clicks the box have it load an asp script below that generates dynamic javascript to populate the billing pulldown......

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    If you want a client side fix, one can be found at www.4guysfromrolla.com. It uses Java. Search for "Dependent List Box" or something of that nature.<BR><BR>I wanted a server side fix, so what I did was select DISTINCT column1, and the select box had a onChange="submit() on it. As soon as column 1 was selected, the page sent the info to itself (the user sees the page reload, and then have your 2nd list box that selects DISTINCT column2 from table1 where column1 = "choosen column") I use Select Case to allow the page to submit to itself.<BR><BR>Make sense? I didn&#039;t want to use the Java version because my list boxes are pulling from a table that has 9000 some records in it. But if you had a smaller selection, the java one woudl work out GREAT! (At least I think it would)

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