Can anyone solve this?

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Thread: Can anyone solve this?

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    Default Can anyone solve this?

    I have a problem while inserting values.<BR>I have a value 106.88<BR>While inserting most of the time it inserts the correct value but sometimes it inserts only 106.8<BR>the data type of this field in the database is float with Length=8 and precision = 53.<BR>Any idea ? thanks for your help.

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    Default try exact numeric Datatypes

    Try exact numeric datatypes. Float is useful for scientific/stastical data where absoulute accuracy is not required and where the data in a column may vary indiscriminately.<BR>Anyway the problem which u have reported is hard to believe and i advise rather than breaking the head on that issue, just try by changing the datatype to Numeric with the required precision. May this will solve ur problem.<BR><BR>Sajith<BR>

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