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Thread: How to add items to shooping cart

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    Default How to add items to shooping cart

    Currently we are using session variables to store item codes whenever user add the items, i have article about session variable, i want any other methods to add items to cart and how the guys generally follows to add items, we are using MS-Access DB.

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    Default Here's what I do

    I make a &#039;cart&#039; table in my db. It has the product id, the session id, unit cost, qty and total cost... and any other information you want to hold about the item in the cart... <BR><BR>Everytime someone clicks to add to cart, just add a new record. when the person checks out... transfer the cart records, to the order details table, then delete the cart records. :)<BR><BR>I ran into a lot of problems holding cart items in session varialbes becuase sessions do not transfer over to secure url&#039;s... from http://urlhere is different than https://urlhere.

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    Default Not true

    I use several session variables in my custom shopping cart application and I have never run into problems with them<BR><BR>Windows NT box Asp 2.0<BR><BR>Why do you think they are not persisted over HTTPS?

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