I have a report my company uses that currently has 23 columns of data. Since no one likes change I have created an ASP that pulls data from our webserver and creates a report almost idenitical to what they currently get from an old dos program. The columns fit with my laptop with a high resolution monitor however, when someone with a 14" monitor using 800*600 resolution looks at it they have to scroll both up and down to get to the data once they scroll down they can easily lose their place so they don&#039t know which row/column they are on. The problem is that the only static portion of the ASP is the 3 header rows of the table. After that it everything can change even the first column which is the building name. However the first column is needed to be seen by the user. If the report was in excel I could use a freeze pane optionsplit windows to let the user know which col
ow they were on. How can I let my ASP display the report similar to excel. (Can I use frames?)<BR> Thanks for the help