I am trying to re-install my ssl cert to windows xp pro. I have my .pfx and .cer files.<BR><BR>.pfx imported to requests folder<BR><BR>.cer imported to the personal folder.<BR><BR>Then Certificate installed in the IIS MMC for the website as per usual. 443 in ssl box.<BR><BR>The certificate seems to be installing OK, except I can&#039;t get the key to attach to the cert. Both pfx and cer files are not corrupted. There is no &#039;You have a private key that corresponds to this certificate&#039; under the valid dates.<BR><BR>I recall this problem in W2K before a hotfix or service pack cured it.<BR>Surely it should be fixed in XP Pro!! Has anybody succesfully re-installed there SSL cert into XP Pro?<BR><BR>Many thanks<BR>