I might post this on the IIS page, too, but maybe some ASP vet can help me...<BR>I&#039;ve setup IIS on a Win2000 Pro box. Go through the motions (like I&#039;ve done so many SUCCESSFUL times on W2K Servers) configuring a website. Turns out this is the first time I&#039;ve had the occasion to setup IIS on W2KPro, and right off I noticed some annoying differences. For instance, for some reason I couldn&#039;t add a new "Web Site" beyond the "Default Web Site". But the REAL annoying problem I&#039;ve got going on at the moment is that whenever a browser tries to load an ASP page from the "server", they get this message:<BR>"Server Application Error<BR>The server has encountered an error while loading an application during the processing of your request. Please refer to the event log for more detail information. Please contact the server administrator for assistance."<BR>1. I checked Event Viewer, and it gave a hyperlink (presumably for help) to nowhere (it never connected or came back from MS).<BR>2. I made sure the asp.dll was set for the asp mapping.<BR>3. I made sure the asp.dll was officially registered on the W2KPro box.<BR>4. I opened up the security, read/run/execute, the works!<BR>5. Noting that IIS was installed AFTER all the W2KPro Service Packs and security patches had been applied, I re-installed SP2.<BR>6. I am writing to ASPMessageBoard.com for HELP!!!