Need Help on this one. <BR><BR>I get a "Safety setting on this computer prohibits accessing Datasource on this computer" <BR><BR>How can I solve this problem???? <BR><BR>Thanks <BR><BR><BR><BR> sDBPath = "d:OSTost_TablesFS.mdb" <BR> DSC.ConnectionString = _ <BR> "provider=microsoft.jet.oledb.4.0;data source=" & sDBPath <BR><BR><BR>sSQLBase = "SELECT tblOPS.RegionLookup, EstOrderDate, ADPrimeID, Sum(EstOrderAmnt) AS Amnt FROM tblOPS GROUP BY tblOPS.RegionLookup," & _ <BR> " tblOPS.EstOrderDate, ADPrimeID HAVING (((tblOPS.RegionLookup)=&#039;&#060;RegionLookup&# 062;&#039;) AND" & _ <BR> " ((tblOPS.EstOrderDate) Between #8/1/2001# And #10/1/2001#))" <BR> &#039; Now create 4 charts and bind each to its respective <BR> &#039; row source in the DSC <BR> For ct = 0 to 3 <BR> DSC.RecordsetDefs.AddNew Replace(sSQLBase, "&#060;RegionLookup&#062;", _ <BR> asCountries(ct)), DSC.Constants.dscCommandText, _ <BR> "Chart" & ct <BR><BR> set cht = ChartSpace1.Charts.Add() <BR> cht.Type = ChartSpace1.Constants.chChartTypeLineMarkers <BR><BR> BindChartToDSC cht, dsc, "Chart" & ct, "ADPrimeID", _ <BR> "EstOrderDate", "Amnt", asCountries(ct) <BR> next &#039;ct <BR>