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    Is it possible to use two simultaneous recordsets in ASP. I am trying to read through one RS and with each loop write the information to a second RS. I am trying to consolidate a long RS into a catagorized RS. I am using ASP 3.0 and Access 98. If this isn't possible in Access, is there any database that this is possible with.

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    Default Be careful.

    Its possible but be careful. Recordsets can be really nasty sometimes. ESPECIALLY WITH LOOPS. Asp hates loops. Im not saying you shouldnt do what your doing just dont return 1000 records and nest it with another recordset loop :). Hehe. Heres what I would do if I were you. Use the getrows() method and put your records into a standard array and then use your connection object to do your database writing with sql statements.<BR><BR>At least use getrows..<BR>If you dont know about getrows research it at msdn.

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