Hi,<BR>I am at that stage where I am frustrated to the point of insanity and therefore seek some help and guidance to protect my computer from a kicking...... I have an ASP.NET aspx page that has a frameset. In the standard configuration I have a header frame , navigation frame (to the left) and a contents frame. The navigation frame contains a datalist driven by a dataset which provides a list of categories, a hyperlink control is bound to the datalist items and clicking an item in the list causes the contents frame to be repopulated with a page relevant to the selected category.... so far so good ... My problem is that I am trying to dynamically control the contents of the navigation category datalist from a selection made in a dropdown list in the header frame.<BR><BR>I cannot find a way of reloading the navigation page to refresh the categories using the dropdown list selection parameter. In the past I have done similar things with JavaScript functions. I am confused over the support for scripting languages in the .NET framework . If I add a hyperlink control to the header frame page is there any way of invoking it programmatically .... please help me I am going crazy .... any help or pointers to other resources would be appreciated..... <BR>Thanx