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    I&#039;m trying to make a page to write cookies, and a page to read information from cookies - all with ASP. Bascially I want, using a form, to have one page have it where the user enters in the info. And a second page that does the following two actions: 1) Writes a cookie based on the previous information, and 2) uses Server.Transfer to transfer to the page that will read the cookie and build a table. <BR><BR>So it should more or less look like this: <BR><BR>PAGE ONE gets: <BR><BR>Row Color 1 <BR>Row Color 2 <BR>Text Color 1 <BR>Text Color 2 <BR>Table Rows <BR>Table Columns <BR>Cell Contents (one word that will appear in all cells) <BR><BR>From my users. <BR><BR>SECOND PAGE <BR>The second page builds a table based on the cookie information. Row colors will alternate (by using the MOD operator). <BR><BR>Any help would be great - still learning. Thanks! <BR><BR>-Valiss

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    many brower settings do not allow cookies. You might face a problem there. You could go about using sessions as well but that is quite dependent upon the acceptance of cookies as well. why not use querystrings. Major disadvantage, it shows the path e.g You could encrypt the querystring though <BR><BR>trippy

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